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The Honourable Daniel R. Russel

Video from Edwin J. Feulner

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Video from Ambassador Harry B. Harris

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Letter from Ambassador James T. Laney

It is a true pleasure for me to write a note of congratulations in behalf of Daniel Russel, this year’s award winner. I regret more than I can say being unable to attend the dinner in person due to age.

Danny is at the pinnacle of colleagues I have had the privilege of working with through a long and varied career. He was at the Seoul Embassy when I arrived there in 1993, and the situation with North Korea was worsening by the day. Impressed immediately by his grasp of the situation I turned to him for counsel and assistance in formulating our approach and possible policy. He drafted a brilliant paper that so impressed Senators Nunn and Luger, (chair of the Armed Services Committee and ranking member of the Foreign Affairs Committee), who were visiting me at the time out of their concern for where we might be headed that they incorporated it in their report to the Senate. Out of that paper emerged the lineaments of US policy that allowed for a subsequent breakthrough in the crisis.

From that moment on it was clear that Danny was destined to be at the top of policy formulation. His remarkable career has borne that out in the State Department and the White House.

I congratulate Danny and ICAS both for the eminent appropriateness of this occasion.

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