March 15, 2022

Kuk Song Kim

Former Senior Political Officer
General Reconnaissance Bureau Office 5* of Workers Party of Korea
[* a clandestine organization under direct control of the ruling Kim family]

to address

Liberate North Korea
Political Future of the Korean Peninsula

ICAS Spring Symposium Libertas
Humanity, Liberty, Peace and Security
The Korean Peninsula Issues and US National Security

March 30 2022 700PM – 830PM EST Washington DC
March 31 2022 800AM – 930AM KST Seoul Korea

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Dear Friend:

We are pleased to share with you that Kuk Song Kim will address the virtual ICAS Spring Symposium Libertas on March 30, 2022 700 PM - 830 PM EST.

After graduating from Kim Chaek University of Technology with a degree in Computer Engineering, he completed higher education from People's Economy College and Kim Jong Il University of Military Politics. Kuk Song spent 6 years at International Liaison Department of Workers’ Party of Korea, 10 years at Operation Center of Workers’ Party of Korea, 5 years at Workers’ Party of Korea Room 35, and 5 years at Reconnaissance General Bureau Office 5; working at 4 different intelligence agencies, he carried tasks such as implementing the 2007 Inter-Korea Summit, developing strategies on South Korea’s political subjugation and mapping North Korea’s strategies and tactics in dealing with the nuclear forces of the US.

In his career as a director-level officer, Kuk Song has spent nearly 30 years assisting the Supreme Leader of Democratic People’s Republic of Korea with gathering and reporting intelligence and strategies against South Korea and the US. He is a recipient of various distinctions including Kim Jong Il Commendation.

After defecting to South Korea, Kuk Song worked as a Senior Research Fellow at Institute for National Security Strategy under the National Intelligence Service in South Korea for 6 years, from which he retired in 2019.

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