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ICAS Liberty Tennis Classic Invitational

Invest in Youth Development
ICAS Youth Fellowship Award
Humanity Peace and Security

Excellence in Tennis

September 24, 2011 Saturday
Four Seasons Tennis Club
Fairfax Virginia

Special Guest

Jim Delaney 1


William Brown, Patrick Cha, Timothy Cha, Victor Cha, Yong Nam Cha, Hong Dok Chae, Jino Choi, Lik Kwun Chung, Jayoung Christner, Jaywoo Christner, Alexandra Daccy, Darrell Rico Doss, Michelle Fetterman, Esther Jeong, Si Young Jeong, Cindy Jung, Jun Hae Jung, Paul Jung, Jun Hong Jeon, Young Ran Jun, Ji Cheol Jeon, Elizabeth Kim, Sang Hoon Kang, Ji Hoon Kim, Nam Sook Kim, Se Won Kim, Seon Young Kim, Chong Ho Lee, Jong Doo Lee, Ki Baek Lee, Ki Hyun Lee, Kuni Matsuda, Jeffrey Oh, Alex Park, Andy Park, Brian Park, Duk Young Park, Jeong Su Park, Joe Park, Jong Wan Park, Kacie Park, Ke Chul Park, Kevin Park, Kody Park, Kyung Park, Lee Seob Park, Michael Park, Min Park, Tae Park, Guillermo Revilak, Sofia Revilak, Tayde Revilak, Gee Hun Wang, Gee Yon Wang, Peter Wang, Joanne Yoo, Jung Zandbergen

Exibition Game

Chi Wan Kim v

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1 ICAS Liberty Tennis Classic Board member

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