Institute for Corean-American Studies [aka ICAS]


in collaboration with

Center for East Asian Studies,
Center for Korean Studies
University of Pennsylvania

Philadelphia [Winter] Symposium


economic issues,
security issues
international relations issues

February 13, 1998, Friday, 8:30 AM - 5:00 PM
University of Pennsylvania

Morning session (8:30 AM - 12:00 NN)
Ben Franklin Room 235, Houston Hall*,
University of Pennsylvania
3417 Spruce Street, Philadelphia, PA
*T:(215)898-6535, F:(215)898-7308

8:30AM Registration

ModeratorSang Joo Kim (ICAS Sr Fellow)

8:50AM Welcome and Opening Remarks
Synja P. Kim (ICAS Fellow; President, ICAS)
9:00AM Evolution of Korean Democracy and Economic Development
Whee Gook Kim (President, East-West Research Institute)
9:25AM Rule of Law as a Fundamental Basis for Reform
The Hon. Judge Nelson A. Diaz (Partner, Blank Rome Comisky & McCauley LLP)
9:50AM Seoul-Washington Relationship: How Strong, and How Stable?
Don Oberdorfer (Distinguished Journalist-in-Residence, SAIS, Johns Hopkins University)
10:30AM North Korea, South Korea, and American Policy
Selig S. Harrison (ICAS Fellow; Senior Scholar, Woodrow Wilson Center; Director, Korea Project, Twentieth Century Fund)
10:55AM The Asian Financial Crisis: The High Debt Model and The Dangers of the IMF Strategy
Robert Wade (Visiting Scholar, Russell Sage Foundation; Professor Political Science Economics, Brown University)
11:20AM Panel Discussion: Critiques & Questions
Susumu Awanohara (Research Advisor & Editor, Nikko Capital Trends, Nikko Research Center America),
Peter M. Beck (Director, Research & Academic Affairs, Korea Economic Institute, University of California at San Diego),
Bradley Belt (Director, International Finance & Economic Policy, CSIS),
William B. Brown (Deputy National Intelligence Officer Economics Worldwide, National Intelligence Council),
Patrick M, Cronin (Deputy Director, Institute National Strategic Studies, National Defence University),
G. Cameron Hurst III (Professor Japanese & Korean Studies; Director, Center for East Asian Studies, Center for Korean Studies, University of Pennsylvania),
Za Woong Koo (Managing Director, BT Wolfensohn International),
Greg Mastel (Sr Vice President & Sr International Economist, Economic Strategy Institute),
Sun Kyun Shin (President & CEO, The MAC Group)


Afternoon session (1:00 PM - 5:00 PM)
Annenberg School of Communications Room 110,
University of Pennsylvania
3620 Walnut Street,
Philadelphia, PA

ModeratorSang Joo Kim (Sr Fellow, ICAS)

1:00PM Korea and International Financial System: What Went Wrong, What To Do About It, and What Role for the IMF?
Catherine L. Mann (Senior Fellow, Institute for International Economics)
1:25PM Chaebol: Challenge and Change
Donald Kirk (ICAS Fellow; Author & Washington Journalist)
1:50PM IMF's View of Korea and Korea
James P. Gordon (Chief Economist on Korea and Japan & Division Chief, Asia and Pacific Department, IMF)

2:15PM Keynote Address

Global Economic Outlook in the light of the Asian Crisis

Lawrence R. Klein, ICAS Distinguished Fellow
Benjamin Franklin Professor Economics Emeritus
University of Pennsylvania
Nobel Laureate


2:55PM IMF Policy and Asian Turmoil
David Malpass (Chief International Economist, Bear Stearns; former Deputy Assistant Secretary of State and of Treasury)
3:20PM The Mexican Experience: Financial Crises and Modernization of Economy
Abel Beltran-del-Rio (Founder & President, CIEMEX/WEFA)
3:45PM An Alternative Approach to Thwart Financial Crisis
Ariel Buira Seira (ICAS Fellow; Board of Governors, Banco de Mexico; former Executive Director, IMF)
4:10PM Panel Discussion: Critiques & Questions
Susumu Awanohara, Peter M. Beck, Bradley Belt, William B. Brown, Patrick M. Cronin, G. Cameron Hurst III, Sang Joo Kim, Synja P. Kim, Za Woong Koo, Greg Mastel, Sun Kyun Shin
5:00PM Closing Remark
Tae Hee Oh (ICAS Fellow; Professor Medicine, Yale University)


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