ICAS Spring Symposium

May 22, 2007 Tuesday 1:00 PM - 5:00 PM
National Press Club
Washington DC 20045

Humanity, Peace and Security

The Korean Peninsula Issues

12:30 PM Registration
Moderator Sang Joo Kim (ICAS Senior Fellow & Executive Vice President)
12:55 PM Welcome & Opening Remarks
Synja P Kim (ICAS Fellow, President and Chairman)
1:00 PM Michael Pillsbury (Consultant)
How to Hedge against Rising China?
1:45 PM Steven Clemons (ICAS Fellow; Director, American Strategy Program, New America Foundation)
Impact of the Iraq War and the Democratic US Congress on US Foreign Policy toward North Korea
2:30 PM John S Park (Research Associate, Center for Conflict Analysis and Prevention, United States Institute of Peace)
US Foreign Policy and Northeast Asian Security: North Korea's Nuclear Policy Behavior
3:15 PM Masafumi Ishii (Political Minister, Embassy of Japan, Washington DC)
Three Major Trends in East Asia and Five Major Policy Objectives for Japan
4:00 PM Alan Tonelson (Research Fellow, US Business and Industry Council Educational Foundation)
The US-Korea FTA issues: Challenges and Outlook
4:45 PM Adjourn
Dennis Halpin (ICAS Fellow; Professional Staff, Foreign Affairs Committee, US House of Representatives)
Alexander Kim (ICAS Intern; Freshman, University of Maryland College Park)
Michael Marshall (Editor-in-Chief, United Press International Washington Bureau Chief)
Larry Niksch (ICAS Fellow; Specialist in Asian Affairs, Congressional Research Service, Library of Congress)
Choon Ki Yoo (Director & Associate Vice President, ICAS Liberty Foundation)
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