ICAS  Summer Symposium 2017: The Korean Diaspora

Challenges and Issues facing the Korean-American Community:
Issues and Strategies to Next Level

in partnership with
George Mason University Center for Korean Studies
The Korea Times
(list in progress)

Day Conference August 12, 2017 Saturday 9:30 AM - 4:30 PM

Holy Cross Korean Episcopal Church
10520 Main Street
Fairfax, VA 22030


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Yearn Hong Choi (Poet, Writer, Commentator; Senior Scholar of Society of Ieodo Research, Korea)
Challenges and Issues facing the Korean-American Community
Olivia Heng (A rising 8th grader, Brigantine North Middle School, NJ)
Family, Faith, and Freedom
Min Gu Jang (A Rising Freshman, Ursinus College, Collegeville, PA)
Opportunity Cost and Buyer's Remorse
Brandon Kim (A Rising Senior, Centreville High School, VA)
Freedom and Personal Responsibility
Sang Joo Kim (ICAS Director, Senior Fellow & Executive Vice President)
ICAS Youth Excellence Program: Developing Winning Strategy for College and Beyond: Raising The Game
Synja P Kim (ICAS Fellow, President and Chairman)
Opening Remarks
Paul Koh (ICAS Intern; ICAS Youth Academy; US Army 2LT; USMA'15)
(a video presentation: My Message to Youngsters: from ICAS Volunteer through US Military Academy)
Don E Lee (ICAS Director and Associate Vice President for Regional Affairs)
Briefing on ICAS and What It Strives For
Mathew Lee ( Chief Executive Officer of FASTech Inc)
Doing Business with US Government
Arthur Milikh (Associate Director, B Kenneth Simon Center for Principles and Politics, The Heritage Foundation)
American Values and Good Citizenship
Young Chan Ro (ICAS Fellow; Professor, George Mason University; Director, Center for Korean Studies)
A Strategy for Korean-American Community Development in the 21st Century

N. B. The programmes may be subject to change without notice.

Previous Guests of Honour:

Grace Chung Becker, B B Bell, Dennis Blair, Michael S Brown, Kurt Campbell, Britton Chance, Elaine L Chao, A Maris Chun, Shinae Chun, Viet D Dinh, Rawdon Dalrymple, Becky N Dunlop, John Duong, Geroge S Dunlop, Edwin J Feulner Jr, Tony P Hall, Seung Soo Han, May Chung Hayashi, Christopher R Hill, Corry Hong, Paul Jhin, Charles Kartman, Takekazu Kawamura, James A Kelly, Jeong H Kim, Wan J Kim, Lawrence R Klein, Harold Hongju Koh, Lucy Koh, James T Laney, Jim Leach, Chong Moon Lee,  John Z Lee, Michell K Lee, Tae Sik Lee, Zhaoxing Li, Martin Meyerson, Jhoon Rhee, Peter Rhee, Jerome J Shestack, Kathleen Stephens, Reah Suh, Sung Hee Suh, John Tilelli, Richard L Walker, Curt Weldon, Alfred P West, John C Yoo

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