Work Products by Youth Academy Students


David Lee The Myths of Success: The Perpetual Cycle of Ethnic Expectations 2018-0913-DL

Daniel Aum Crimes Against Humanity in North Korea: The Case for U.S. Leadership and Action 2014-1219-DxA

Jin Pyuo Lee Government Mandated Resource Circulation for Recycling Metal Cans in South Korea 2014-0321-JPL

Daniel Aum DPRK Government Before the International Criminal Court: The Cheonan and Yeonpyeong Island Attacks 2012-1130-DxA

Ha Young Yoo

My Coordinate and the Class Issues in the American Context 2012-0804-HYY

Jin Seock Shin The West's Feet of Clay: Transmuting the Pillars of Liberty from Gold into Dross 2011-0501-JSS

Yuliana S. Noah What I have learned from reading John Locke's The Limits of Human Understanding 2007-0804-YSN

You Chan Kevin Chung Modeling South Korea's Economy: Model Comparison of Simple ARMA (1,1) vs.
High Frequency Principal Component Analysis in Forecasting South Korea's GDP

Yeri Kim The Debate Over Seoul's US Embassy: Exploring 120 Years of US-ROK Relations. 2003-1208-YRK

Sahang-Hee Hahn Germinating and Taking Roots in America: 'Acculturation' as the 'Assimilation' of the 21st Century:
A Possible Shift In Focus for Post Immigrant Generation Korean Americans.

Sahang-Hee Hahn Identity and Growth. 2000-0818-SHH

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