ICAS  Summer Symposium Prologue

Humanity, Liberty, Peace and Security

The Korean Peninsula Issues*
and US National Security

June 14, 2018 1:00 PM - 5:00 PM

US Senate SVC Room 212-10
US Capitol Building
Capitol Hill
Washington DC

12:30 PM Registration
12:50 PM Welcome & Opening Remarks
Synja P Kim (ICAS Fellow, President and Chairman)
The Rodger's Battle Flag MP3 Audio
moderator Sang Joo Kim ICAS Senior Fellow & Executive Vice President
1:00 PM Nicholas Szechenyi (Deputy Director and Senior Fellow, Japan Chair and Asia Program, CSIS; intro by David Lee)
The Trump-Kim Summit: Implications for Japan (video)
1:40 PM Yun Sun (Co-Director East Asia Program, Director China Program, Stimson Center; intro by Matt Michels)
The Trump-Kim Summit: A View from Beijing (video)
2:30 PM Brendan F. Boyle (Foreign Affairs Committee, US House of Representatives; intro by Chung S Lee )
The Trump-Kim Summit: US-ROK Alliance and US Leadership in Asia (video)
2:45 PM Larry A. Niksch (ICAS Fellow; CSIS Senior Associate)
The Trump-Kim Summit: Prima Facie Impression, Differential Diagnosis, and Prognosis (video)
The Trump-Kim Summit: Outcomes, Prognosis, and The Needed Test For Kim Jong-un
3:25 PM Kurt Campbell (ICAS Liberty Foundation Distinguished Fellow and ICAS Liberty Award recipient; Chairman and CEO The Asia Group LLC; Former Assistant Secretary of State for East Asian and Pacific Affairs; intro by Leena Jang)
A Road to Peace in the Korean Peninsula and US National Security (video)
4:30 PM Adjourn
Dan Gallington (ICAS Fellow; Non-resident Senior Associate CSIS)
Dennis Halpin (ICAS Fellow; Visiting Scholar SAIS JHU; former diplomat State Department)
Peter Huessy (ICAS Fellow; Director Strategic Deterrence Studies, Mitchell Institute)
David Maxwell (ICAS Fellow; Associate Director Security Studies Program Georgetown University)
Tara O (ICAS Fellow; Adjunct Fellow CSIS Pacific Forum)

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June 29, 2018: ICAS Summer Symposium Special: The Korean Peninsula Issues and US National Security
August 11, 2018: ICAS Summer Symposium: The Korean Diaspora, George Mason University

* as a public service pro bono publico
ICAS designates this educational activity for continuing education/professional development for a maximum of 4.00 hours credit commensurate with the extent of actual participation.
 ICAS is not an agent of any government and/or a foreign principal (18 U.S.C.951), and solely supported by voluntary contributions.
 1.8 million Korean-Americas reside in the USA (Census 2015) .
 ICAS Liberty Foundation seeks to promote the cause of humanity, liberty, peace, prosperity and security through cultural, educational and research activities.

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